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Competo Senior Programme

Experts in retirement 


An increasing number of companies have realized that in spite of high unemployment rate and a multitude of candidates on the labour market they lack experts with profound experience and expertise in a number of different fields. It is namely retired experts who have gained longstanding experience and priceless expertise in their careers who could fill a gap of all sorts of knowledge: - they could serve as invaluable mentors to young employees and play a key role in conducting highly challenging and technical projects;                                       


- they could contribute significantly in knowledge transfer and slow down brain drain from the company; - they could provide assistance in specific highly demanding projects that require profound expertise and experience and would be too complex for less experienced staff to manage;


- by providing mentorship, counselling and teamwork, retired experts could make a significant contribution to the personal and professional development of younger employees; - they could participate in creating new ideas and innovations in the company. 


- Are you retired?

- Were you responsible for performing technical work with a lot

  of expertise during professional career?

- Would you like to remain active and work also in your retirement and offer

  your expertise and experience to society and the world of economy?


Competo Senior Programme will connect you with companies looking for your expertise and experience.


Please send us your applications together with CV and any questions to the following email address:


Your participation in Competo Senior Programme is completely free of charge.



“Knowledge is too precious to retire”



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