Individuals can achieve success above the average only when they pursue a career where they can express all their potentials and when surrounded by people who also share true “chemistry”.
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Competo associates understand what partnership is and strive for sustainable solutions benefiting all the parties.In a nutshell, they consistently tell us that they are here for us and that we can be even more efficient and successful with their help.

References of satisfied candidates

Below you can find recommendations by the candidates who have been satisfied with our services. 


"Competo agency convinced me with their quality which is rising standards activities in the field of recruiting.

R.S., Maj 2014


"I was very pleased with the expertise and professionalism of Competo employees. I must point out lady Laura Smrekar since she led me through the entire application process in the agency, various tests and sent me valuable guidance and directions for successful interviews with the employer. "

E.T., December 2013


"Regarding cooperation with the agency Competo I was very pleased. The level of their service was very high and on high professional level - from the first interview at the agency, to the subsequent contacts with potencial employers. Mrs. Benko promptly informed me thrue all the process. In short, I was extremely pleased. "

S.Š., August 2013


"Dear Competo team, first of all thank you for your cordial and professional approach to work and all the opportunities, advices and assistance in finding a new career challenge.»

M. L., July 2013


"A professional and individual approach to the recruiting and selection of staff. Excellent approach and transparency in the whole process. You can feel their sensitivity and professionalism.

J. P., May 2012


"Hello again. Competo is realy a different agency! Just stay passionate about your work!»

D.Č., February 2012


"The cooperation with Competo took place on a very professional level, they have very positive attitude. and special personal approach.

J. D., May 2011


"I get in contact with Competo a few months ago. Even before the cognitive interview I was pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness. Subsequent contacts performing psychological testing has proven that the professional attitude is realy their standard. Searching for new career challenges through employment agencies Competo is definitely a very positive experience for any candidate. "

R.M. , May 2011


" I am very satisfied with Competo service and relations. I had very accurate and professional attitude from the very beginning, that is from our first interview to the final selection. They have always been available for any questions or just for advice, which also helped me in my decision, which- I must admit- was not easy. "

E. S. , May 2011

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