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Psychological assessment

Competo also provides psychological tests conducted by skilled and experienced psychologists. The aim of tests is to objectively determine candidates’ personal traits and competencies. By using psychological tests, Competo can identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.


Psychological tests for our partners are conducted to:

  • Improve selection for employment purposes (candidates` suitability and compatibility with a given job and working environment is determined);
  • Plan employees` professional development (Competo draws up an assessment of candidates` personal traits and competencies as well as putting forward proposals for their personal development);
  • Develop a professional career (an assessment of candidates` potentials and competencies is drawn up together with proposals for their professional development).

Psychological tests also provide us insight into:

  • Candidates` personal traits;
  • Candidates` 3Q
    • Intelligence (IQ)
    • Optimism (OQ)
    • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Candidates` expression of competencies (12 key competencies)

Standard questionnaires used in our tests are as follows: Self-Assessment Questionnaire, Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ), Profile Index of Emotions (PIE), Optimism Questionnaire, Multi-factor Emotional Intelligence Scale (MEIS) and Intelligence Test (Raven’s matrices).


There are also other psychological tests available, but their application depends on the purpose of testing itself. In addition to giving us insight into candidates’ personal traits, psychological tests also help us identify their personal motivation for work, including teamwork, ability to integrate into their working environment and society, professional interests, values, communication skills, conflict resolution and a number of other relevant features.


Last but not least, Competo provides for tailor made psychological tests to match our clients’ needs and requirements. What is more, we compile the results in a special psychological testing report that we offer to our partners together with a consultation with a highly experienced psychologist.


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