We also find solutions for enterprises and candidates when it seems impossible to find them. Many of our business partners called for our expertise when they had been unable themselves to find a proper candidate. We have helped them out with success.
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Competo associates understand what partnership is and strive for sustainable solutions benefiting all the parties.In a nutshell, they consistently tell us that they are here for us and that we can be even more efficient and successful with their help.

Search and selection of staff

COMPETO search and selection process consist of three basic parts and it aims at finding the most suitable candidate for the given vacancy:



Search and selection





Analysis is the most important part of any search and selection process. If it has not been carried out properly, it produces wrong candidate requirements and consequently a wrong candidate.


Competo distinguishes between two parts in its search and selection analysis:


The first part is a technical specification. COMPETO talks with a company’s representative about:


- the company itself,

- the vacancy analysis,

- the candidate analysis,

- defining working conditions,

- delineating general competencies (desired personal traits).


This part of the analysis focuses on candidate competencies.



The second part of our analysis is based on the fact that companies employ candidates based on their competencies, while dismissing them for who they in fact are. This is why we have rather focused on the microenvironment into which the candidate is entering. This approach enables us to expand our set of criteria, i.e. in addition to looking for a candidate who is able to perform a certain task; we are looking for someone who is able to perform it in teamwork. This is the key to finding the most suitable candidate.


The second part therefore encompasses the microanalysis of the working environment:


- analysis of work tasks, working conditions and relations,

- analysis of team dynamics,

- analysis of how the core groups responds to a new co-worker.


We are under no illusion to be able to examine every nook and cranny of the whole company and completely understand its atmosphere and culture. This is why we engage in these efforts only those who will be in daily contact with the selected candidate. All this allows us to elaborate a detailed candidate requirement specification.


Search and Selection


Looking for candidates with a variety of methods


When looking for candidates, we rely on a whole array of different means ranging from advertising to direct search. It all depends on the anticipated pool of candidates needed to carry out an appropriate selection.


Selection procedure


In addition to interviews, the selection process invariably consists of psychometric testing. The main focus of psychometric testing is placed on determining candidates’ general competencies and, more specifically, on what is known as 3Q:


-          emotional quotient (EQ)

-          intelligence quotient (IQ) and

-          optimism quotient (OQ).


The results achieved are always compared on two levels, i.e.


- Are candidate’s test and interview results compatible with our clients’ expectations?

- Will the candidate be able to carry out these tasks in teamwork?


Presentation of candidates


We present candidates to our clients also in writing. Their description would generally entail a CV, interview reports and psychometric testing evaluations. At the very end of the selection process, we arrange job interviews with our clients, and if necessary, we also conduct the complete selection process and job interviews, and keep all candidates up to date about the whole process.




Did you know that as many as 90% of all employees decide in the first months if they want to stay in their new job or not? They might not speak of their intentions to leave, but subconsciously they may realize that this job is not for them. They are always on the lookout for new challenges and just looking for new windows of opportunity to open.


Compete has risen up to this challenge and has provided in this initial preparatory period into the middle and high management the possibility of coaching. We provide to our candidates in the first 3 months a highly qualified coach who guides them in face-to-face meetings (2 to 5 one-hour long interviews based on the package offered).


By following and guiding candidates in their initial period, we can strengthen their decision to stay in their workplace. In addition, we also supply them with information and tools to understand better the company and their working environment and, in doing so, contribute to increasing their performance. On the other hand, Competo firmly believes that highly qualified coaches can also help clients decide whether the candidate is the most appropriate to work in their company together with others.


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