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Training for internal coaches

The target group of training for internal coaches are the employees showing the desire and also potentials on the basis of which they could develop competencies that are relevant for the provision of high-quality coaching. Prior to the training, we devise the profile of an internal coach together with the company where according to the company’s needs the key potentials and competencies are defined.

On the basis of the internal coach profile, we perform the selection procedure for proposed employees. It comprises psychological profiling and the development and assessment centre. This enables us to arrive at a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of the candidate’s suitability for the training of internal coaches and to set up a core group of future internal coaches.

Training for internal coaches consists of the following contents:

  • workshops where participants are acquainted with a theoretical framework and can train coaching skills;
  • eCoaching Potendo, the programme adapted to training for internal coaches where knowledge and skills acquired are consolidated during workshops;
  • individual meetings with training providers enabling them to focus on specific challenges and topics that participants do not wish to share at group workshops;
  • observing internal coaches in the field (when conducting coaching);
  • supervision meetings where top condition is developed, and dilemmas and challenges are discussed.