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Introduction of HR processes

Every company can have an efficiently drawn up HR strategy enabling the recruitment of good candidates, the systematic development of employees and the regulated process of departure from the company. When the strategy is being elaborated, we advise, help define individual steps and plan key activities in the framework of all three processes and adapt them to your company’s needs and objectives.

  • Recruitment: design and publication of an application for jobs, steps for the selection of candidates for a post (collecting adequate applications, psychological testing of candidates, organizing and conducting interviews, behavioural interview…), the recruitment of foreigners/students, preparing documents for the selection and recruitment procedure, onboarding process.
  • HR development: introducing the system of annual interviews, competence model, job performance assessment, promotion and reward policy, the development of employee competencies according to the requirements of posts, identification of needs for skills and development by way of the profiling of employees, competence measurements, assessment centres, organizing and
  • outplacement: preparing documents and procedures for employee departure, system of the handover of work/affairs, the outplacement process.