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My career in Slovenia


The “My Career in Slovenia” is a service offered by a company to its foreign employees’ relatives who relocate with them to Slovenia. A career programme offers an insight on our labour market that can help an employee’s relative(s) (re)activate on the labour market and seek new career opportunities in a foreign country.

The “My Career in Slovenia” programme takes the form of individual meetings. The central topics in the programme are:

  • Psychological assessment and career counselling,
  • learning job-seeking skills,
  • improving self-presentation skills,
  • targeted search of opportunities,
  • active approach to the labour market.


Within the career programme, an individual is supported by two experts, who within their respective fields provide to him/her comprehensive support in the process of career change (psychological and thematic support):

  • Experienced psychologist provides support to an individual in the process of confronting changes and discovering one’s own potentials, building one’s career as well as motivation for active job seeking.
  • Executive search consultant, an expert in the area of work corresponding to an individual’s profession, provides thematic support in the preparation for an interview, interview simulation and an active approach to the labour market.


Nadine Balazs, freelance content writer

Coming to Slovenia as a spouse of an already employed expatriate, I jumped into cold water. Thanks to the sustainable support of the Competo programme “My career in Slovenia”, I was quickly able to build my own business. As a freelancing content writer, I got lots of valuable information and rapidly expanded my local network. Klara is an excellent consultant who puts her broad knowledge and her heart into this programme. Not only does she help foreign candidates to find their way around the Slovene labour market, she also coaches and trains them to find and get the job of their dreams. Nina is an outstanding psychologist who helps candidates emphasizing their strengths and skills, which supplements the programme in a profound way.

Daria, purchasing and 3D design

Moving to another country is a challenge. And looking for a new job in the unknown society is quite frustrating. At least, that is what I felt after the first few days in Slovenia. After the program, my insights are that I am not alone, and I am an interesting candidate here. Because of your help now I have enough knowledge and energy to dig into different directions while job seeking. I appreciate Taja’s and Maša’s attitude about consulting: they made me feel confident and prepared for this challenge.

Thank you a lot! Good luck!