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Frequently asked questions

This page answers questions that our clients and candidates frequently ask while searching for a new career path. If you have a question that has not yet been answered, please contact us at and we will happily provide you with an answer.

How will I benefit from joining your job seekers database?

Competo’s database contains more than 11,000 candidates. When you sign up, you create a career profile, which allows you to apply for jobs. You can edit or delete your profile at any time. Entering our database provides you with a unique opportunity to have access to information about the latest job vacancies. Our consultants will also contact you should an opportunity arise which suits your qualifications.

What can I expect from my interview at Competo?

During the selection process you will be interviewed by the Competo project manager or our specialist consultant. The interview will introduce you to the client and the details of the vacant post. You will be encouraged to discuss your expectations and wishes, because creating a perfect match between the candidate and our client is what we prize above all else.

Can I apply for more than one job?

You are free to apply to any number of posts. However, please make sure that you only apply to those posts where you meet the client’s expectations.

Why do some ads omit the name of your client?

There are different reasons for keeping the name of the client undisclosed. Sometimes the clients want discretion or they are managing changes in their business. The client’s name is only revealed to those candidates who are part of the selection process.

Why should I collaborate with Competo?

Collaborating with Competo as a candidate provides you with unlimited access to information about the latest job opportunities, career consultations, support and advice during the selection process, access to comprehensive data about the organisational culture, values, employee relations, etc.

What is the aim of psychological assessment?

At Competo, experienced psychologists conduct psychological evaluations. These hope to uncover the individual’s features and competencies in an objective manner. The psychological assessments help us identify the individual’s strengths and potential hindrances to efficient work performance in a specific post.

Are your services free of charge?

All services we provide to our candidates are free of charge.

Is there a possibility of a candidate being chosen even before the process of recruitment and selection begins?

No employment contract is ever agreed in advance. All applicants have equal opportunities of filling the post. Our role in any active and running project is to recruit and make preliminary selections of candidates for our clients.

An overview of the selection process

After an application has been made, the candidates are informed whether the application was successful and what the next stages of the procedure are.

A candidate makes a job application
Matching the candidate with the employer’s expectations
Divergence between the candidate and the employer’s expectations
Interview with a Competo team member
Psychological assessment
Interview with the employer
Securing a contract of employment
Re-entering Competo’s database