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Employer Branding

Would you like to know who the top employers in Slovenia are?

Company as an employer of choice

An employer brand communicates why a company is an employer of choice, recruiting only top talent employees and providing unique work experiences. It allows a company to recognise, design, and convey its singular culture by integrating knowledge from HR management and communication.

Competo’s model of employer branding development includes a review, synchronisation, and the advancement of HR and communication departments.

What are the benefits of employer branding?

  • A higher number of exceptional job applications,
  • faster appointments to vacant posts,
  • lower recruitment costs,
  • an “employer of choice” image,
  • being different from the competition,
  • higher job satisfaction rates,
  • loyalty and workforce inclusion.


Hiring costs

41 percent of employers estimate that replacing a staff member can cost at least $25,000.

Changing jobs

92 percent of candidates would be willing to leave their current job, if they received an employment offer from a company with a good reputation and an attractive employer brand.

Costs of bad branding

Candidates demand a 10 – 20 percent increase in their compensation package when working for a company with a poorly developed employer brand, compared to those employed by companies with attractive employer brands.


83 percent of HR managers and recruiters would like to invest more in talent management, which is prioritised in their companies.


More than 80 percent of managers believe that an attractive employer brand is indispensable for attracting ideal employees.


84 percent of companies, which are among the best employers in the world, are managing their employment value proposition (EVP) effectively.