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Competo’s career tips and advice

Competo's career tips and advice

Competo team is happy to offer career advice and support to all who wish to take up a new career-challenge.

Tina Novak Kač

When choosing a new career path we often pay too much attention to details. Is the bonus higher than 100€? Does the probation period last 6 months or just 3 months? What kind of work phone will I get? Neither bonuses nor work phones will outweigh you feeling uncomfortable or even bored at work, having colleagues that gloat at your mistakes, or having a boss who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every morning. The key question you should ask yourself when embarking on a new career path is: WHY would I want to be a part of this working environment? Do you share the same values, beliefs, and attitudes? Do you think your future colleagues could be your friends? Or in short: follow your heart.

Advice for first-time job seekers

Competo is happy to lend a helping hand to all first-time job seekers, because we know that you are an invaluable source of knowledge, energy, and creativity for our clients.