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Job seekers

Competo developed the portal, where you can apply for available job vacancies and create a unique profile. We will contact you, should an interesting opportunity arise which appears to match your profile. We are proud to be a part of Glasford International Executive Search Consultants network.

An overview of the selection process

After an application has been made, the candidates are informed whether the application was successful and what the next stages of the procedure are.

A candidate makes a job application
Matching the candidate with the employer’s expectations
Divergence between the candidate and the employer’s expectations
Interview with a Competo team member
Psychological assessment
Interview with the employer
Securing a contract of employment
Onboarding support: Potendo online onboarding programme
Re-entering Competo’s database

Why work with us?

Transparency at work

We foster a culture of open communication and high responsiveness for our candidates throughout the recruitment and selection process. We regularly update our candidates about any developments in the procedure and provide them with continuing support and information during the decision-making stage.

Specialist advisor teams

Competo’s consultants specialise in various fields such as banking, finance, marketing, engineering, IT, etc. This allows us to provide you with a professional interview, where relevant information about the workplace can be discussed. Likewise, as experienced conversation partners, we can offer practical advice based on our understanding of the specific nature of the workplace, the industry, and the current changes in the employment market.

Our research department

Our search and selection process of finding the most suitable candidate includes three stages: workplace analysis, search and selection, and employee monitoring. Our research department uses a variety of approaches such as advertising, analyses, and direct inquiries during the recruitment stage. The most appropriate approach is chosen according to the expected number of candidates required for a suitable selection.

Psychological assessments

During the evaluation stage, the psychological assessment of emotional intelligence and the learned optimism test are conducted, as these were shown to be key indicators of the candidate’s profile. The assessments allow our clients to examine the candidate’s knowledge and competencies even before they take up their new post, but they also grant our candidates a great insight into their own personality and a better understanding of their workplace preferences.

Competo's Career Tips and Advice

Advice for first-time job seekers

Landing that first job can be quite the challenge, because young job seekers are often hindered by lack of work experience and connections. Sometimes you are not sure about the direction your career is taking or you want a promotion that is not available in your current workplace. Competo is happy to lend a helping hand to all first-time job seekers, because we know that you are an invaluable source of knowledge, energy, and creativity for our clients.

Frequently asked questions

This page answers questions that our clients and candidates frequently ask while searching for a new career path.

Alan Šćuric

Competo is always my top choice whenever I am in need of a career challenge. They are super responsive, dedicated, and always comply with my needs.

My career in Slovenia

Competo team is happy to lend a helping hand to all first-time job seekers.

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