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Making relationships

Why Competo?

Specialist advisor teams

Competo’s consultants specialise in various fields such as banking, finance, marketing, engineering, IT, etc. Our deep understanding of the nature of the workplace, industry, and current changes in the employment market allows us to interact competently both with our clients and our candidates.

Our research department

Our recruitment and selection process of finding the most suitable candidate includes three stages: workplace analysis, search and selection, and employee monitoring. Our research department uses a variety of sources such as advertising, analyses, and direct inquiries during the recruitment stage.

Micro-level analysis and coaching for executive positions

Matching a candidate to a company’s culture is crucial for the satisfaction of both parties. A micro-level analysis of the environment and executive coaching during induction supports the new employee to embrace the culture and shared values of the company.

Transparency at work

Transparency, open communication, and high responsiveness are ensured. We regularly discuss the project’s progress with our clients and involve them in further decision-making. We update our candidates about any developments in the procedure and provide them with continuing support and information during the decision-making stage.

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Job vacancies

HR Manager (m/ž)

02. 03. 2018 | Osrednjeslovenska

Vodja oddelka kontrole zavarovanj (m/ž)

26. 02. 2018 | Osrednjeslovenska

Področni vodja prodaje (m/ž)

12. 02. 2018 | Osrednjeslovenska

Competo team

Competo comprises of people who have turned their passion into a career. A variety of experiences, expertise, and competencies are continually being translated into bold business ideas. These are then put into practice on the basis of an ‘all for one and one for all’ principle.

Matic Vošnjak

Partner, General Manager

Main areas
  • - Strategic management
  • - Business development
  • - Sales
Business is about people.

Laura Smrekar

Partner, Head of Communications

Main areas
  • - Marketing
  • - Public Relations
  • - Sales

Tina Novak Kač

Partner, Head of Sales

Main areas
  • - Sales
  • - Business development
  • - Marketing
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. -Confucius-

Blaž Bejek

Partner, Head of Executive Search

Main areas
  • - Production
  • - Development and technology
  • - Logistics, supply chain, and maintenance
Take work as a privilege and enjoy it.

Jasna Benko Živec

Executive Search Consultant

Main areas
  • - Pharmacy and medicine
  • - Marketing and sales
  • - HR
Never give up!

Petra Novak

Head of HR Solutions and Development

Main areas
It is not our desires that define our lives, it is our actions. -Paulo Coelho-

Nataša Tovornik

Senior Consultant

Main areas
  • - Top management
  • - Finance industry
  • - strategic HR consulting
Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. -Seneca-

Miha Novak

Executive Search Consultant

Main areas
Do what you love, but sometimes throw yourself into the unknown to broaden your horizons and acquire rich experiences.

Nina Ivančič

Consultant and psychologist

Main areas
  • - Psychological profiling
  • - Organisational psychology
  • - HR diagnostics and team development
Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready. -Ernest Hemingway-

Katja Bedenik

Customer Relationship Specialist

Main areas
It’s never too hot and never too pink.

Klara Zavrl

Talent Sourcing Manager and Recruiting Team Lead

Main areas
Talent is your vehicle. Passion is your fuel and potential is your destination. -Terry Mante-

Tina Štrus

Executive Search Consultant

Main areas
  • - Professional and specialist roles
  • - Junior manager positions across all areas
Life is either a great adventure or nothing at all. -Helen Keller-

Ana Gabršček

Communications Associate

Main areas
  • - Communications
  • - HR Consulting
  • - Event Management
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Jana Jereb

Partner, Head of HR Consulting

Main areas
  • - HR management
  • - Reorganization and process optimization
  • - Change management
Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.

Barbara Bungič

Talent recruiter

Main areas
Everything happens for a reason.

Taja Moro

Junior Talent Recruiter

Main areas
The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. -Gandhi-

Zala Hovnik

Junior Talent Recruiter

Main areas
Laugh as much you can breathe, love as long as you live. -Johnny Depp-

Honouring our collaborations

The achievements that we value above all else are mutual trust, enduring partnerships, and shared objectives. We feel honoured and proud to have so many successful companies working with us.

Jaka Kavčič

Summit Avto

S Competom smo sodelovali na dveh »novoletnih« dogodkih. Kot eden izmed sponzorjev smo bili deležni profesionalne, inovativne in navdihujoče obravnave pred, med in tudi po samem dogodku. Zato je bila odločitev, da smo tudi drugo leto prisotni na njihovem dogodku, sila enostavna. Tudi tokrat smo bili navdušeni in pozitivno presenečeni kako heterogen tim milenijcev in ne-milenijcev, deluje tako usklajeno in sinhrono. In verjetno prav zato, ker kot sami radi pravijo, posel delajo ljudje in so pri njih ti ljudje čudoviti posamezniki, se veselimo sodelovanja tudi v prihodnje.

News and events




On average, 10 out of 10 CEO's that I talk to have a business plan and they know it very well. But only one of them has or knows a people plan. It is really interesting – we know what and why we are selling, but we do not know what kind of people do we need, who do we have to attract or how do we keep them engaged – that is the missing people plan. Building an employer brand should be a process that puts people – our employees – into the centre. They are, after all, every company's ultimate competitive advantage that differentiates them from the competition.





CEOs are the ones who should have the responsibility over the employer brand. Marketing and human resources departments should work together in its development and care, but the incentive and long-term support should come from top down.





Positive global economic trends are turning HR challenges upside down. It is no longer simply a matter of selecting the right people for our vacancies. It is increasingly seen as a challenge of whether the right people want to work for us. What will the public image of companies be if they will be struggling to attract the right people? If they will be afraid that they would not be selected by the best talents on the market?