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Creating relations
that inspire.

Why Competo?

Specialised consultants

Competo’s consultants specialise in various fields such as banking, finance, marketing, engineering, IT, etc. Our deep understanding of the nature of the workplace, industry, and current changes in the employment market allows us to interact competently both with our clients and our candidates.

Our research department

Our recruitment and selection process of finding the most suitable candidate includes three stages: workplace analysis, search and selection, and employee monitoring. Our research department uses a variety of sources such as advertising, analyses, and direct inquiries during the recruitment stage.

Micro environment analysis and onboarding coaching for executive positions

Matching a candidate to a company’s culture is crucial for the satisfaction of both parties. A micro-level analysis of the environment and onboarding coaching during induction supports the new employee to embrace the culture and shared values of the company.

Transparency at work

Transparency, open communication, and high responsiveness are ensured. We regularly discuss the project’s progress with our clients and involve them in further decision-making. We update our candidates about any developments in the procedure and provide them with continuing support and information during the decision-making stage.

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Become an employer of choice

Competo team

Competo comprises of people who have turned their passion into a career. A variety of experiences, expertise, and competencies are continually being translated into bold business ideas. These are then put into practice on the basis of an ‘all for one and one for all’ principle.

Matic Vošnjak

Partner, General Manager

Main areas
  • - Strategic management
  • - Business development
  • - Sales
Business is about people.

Laura Smrekar

Partner, Head of Communications

Main areas
  • - Marketing
  • - Public Relations
  • - Sales
"If you want to rush, go alone, but if you want to get far, go in a group." African proverb

Tina Novak Kač

Partner, Head of Sales

Main areas
  • - Sales
  • - Business development
  • - Marketing
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. -Confucius-

Jasna Benko Živec

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Main areas
  • - Pharmacy and medicine
  • - Marketing and sales
  • - HR
Never give up!

Miha Novak

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Main areas
  • - Electric power industry
  • - Energetics
  • - IT technology
Do what you love, but sometimes throw yourself into the unknown to broaden your horizons and acquire rich experiences.

Ana Domenis Cankar

Psychologist and Senior Consultant

Main areas
  • - Psychological profiling
  • - HR development
  • - e-coaching

Maša Žilevski

Psychologist and Consultant

Main areas
  • - Psychological profiling
  • - HR development
  • - e-coaching
I try not to take myself too seriously.

Maša Budnar Radilović

Executive search consultant

Main areas
  • -
Always do your best and do not worry about issues you can not influence.

Barbara Bungič Holešek

Talent recruiter

Main areas
  • - Research and recruitment
Everything happens for a reason.

Pia Lucija Kos

Psychology student

Main areas
  • - Psychometric profiling
  • - People development
  • - Team building
Even a small step is a step, whether it is a step forward, backward or to the side.

Honouring our collaborations

The achievements that we value above all else are mutual trust, enduring partnerships, and shared objectives. We feel honoured and proud to have so many successful companies working with us.

Sophie Honey

British Embassy Ljubljana

Competo are an Embassy partner, through the British Slovene Chamber of Commerce, and have given us first rate assistance with a number of recent recruitments. This has involved flagging the opportunities widely on their portal, to ensure we get a very strong pool of candidates, reviewing applications and helping us to making a shortlist. What really stood out for me was the effort Competo staff made to understand the role we were recruiting for, in discussion with us, and to find strong applicants who would fit both the opportunity and our organisational culture.

News and events


Virtually Innovative - Perry Timms


Kinetic movement and the heating of the brain is said by neuroscientists to stimulate blood flow through the brain and spark novel and creative thinking. Yet some of the world’s most gifted artists and particularly painters were sat at an easel and we hardly call them untalented copycats do we? So it will be - sat in front of our screens - on 20th and 21st October for Competo’s first-ever socially-distanced, remote and virtual HR Hackathon.



Three myths and misconceptions about self-managing organisations


There is plenty to learn from and admire in these radicals daring to reinvent their organisations, and rest assured: this self-management “trend” is not going anywhere.