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We miss a more professional relationship with candidates


You would expect that companies with large fluctuation and those that find it hard to acquire top employees would do their best to treat their staff respectfully, professionally and responsibly. This includes keeping the promises that were made, sticking to the deadlines and in no way changing any written or verbal agreements. Gladly, most companies do live up to these expectations but I am sad to say that some recent feedback I have received from our candidates and my many experiences I have acquired since working in this field indicate that is not always the case.

As the job market is changing, both the employers and the employees must adjust to the changes.

Without trust, respect and an ethical approach the companies are not able to function successfully.

Each and every one of us must strive towards these values in order to reach our mutual goal- success.

And what are some common mistakes employers make? I would especially like to emphasize these two following examples. Once the candidates receive the information that they will shortly be contacted about whether they were chosen for the next round of interviews or not, it is expected of the company to follow up on that and give the candidate feedback. I have seen too many cases where the candidates were not chosen yet have never received any kind of information on it. What I’ve also noticed is that some companies make certain offers on their interview with the client and then change them in the actual contract.

What companies are forgetting is that these clients could cause massive damage to their reputation by spreading the word around and they would have all the right to do so.

Building a reputation is a long-term process and it is a shame when that reputation is ruined because of the lack of professionalism. To all of you who have experienced something similar I would advise not to worry; it is better you have seen the true colors of the company sooner than later; now you have the opportunity to find a job with somebody who is going to treat you the way you should be treated.

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