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14th Competo event: Can an organisation survive without bosses?

Outdated hierarchical business models can no longer respond to the challenges we are facing in business today. Only the ones who are flexible, responsive, fast, agile and innovative can reach for the stars and compete in a global market.

The relationship between employers and employees should ideally be a win-win relationship. As employers, we expect our employees to be innovative, creative, agile… But do we really give them enough space, authority and trust to act that way?

With digital natives (generations Y and Z) entering the labour force, the demands for accessibility and transparency are getting louder and louder. How can we ensure both: enough freedom and alignment of our employees?


  • 8.00 – 8.30: Arrival
  • 8.30 10.00: Key-note speakerLisa Gill and Perry Timms

Organisations can not only survive without traditional bosses, but they are also more likely to thrive, and people are more likely to experience a more flourishing time at their work. For this to happen, we need to rethink what leadership and management is as we head towards 2020, and how we collaborate with each other and make things happen in a business sense.

Perry and Lisa will share some of the latest trends in less hierarchical ways of working and invite you to try out decentralised and more collaborative ways of making decisions together – a key practice for participatory organisations.

  • 10.00 – 10.30: Break
  • 10.30 – 11.40: dr. Aleksander Zadel

When talking about bosses, we usually refer to leadership without empathy. Being very narrow and strictly goal oriented (without any sense for the team) is a leadership style that should have been left behind a long time ago. Leading an organisation without bosses does not mean there is an anarchy, lack of goals and responsibility. On the contrary: it means showing great respect to individuals in the team. It is important to realize that personal goals and company goals actually are two sides of the same coin – this realisation is the first step towards new leadership styles that enable everyone’s potentials to bloom.

  • 11.40 – 12.00: closing of the event


Lisa Gill

Lisa Gill supports teams and organisations around the world to be decentralised, self-managing and participatory. Lisa is also the host of the Leadermorphosis podcast and has interviewed some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners about the future of work. She is the founder of Reimaginaire and a trainer with Swedish institution Tuff Leadership Training.



Perry Timms

Perry Timms is Founder and Chief Energy Officer of PTHR, Chartered Member of CIPD; 2x TEDx and international speaker; Author of Transformational HR; Adjunct Faculty and Visiting Fellow of Hult International and Sheffield Hallam University Business Schools and Guest Professor at GEA College in Ljubljana. He is known for being the force behind many HR Hackathons; creating new and imaginative ways of working. Perry captured much of this in his book “Transformational HR” which is already an Top 30 HR seller. He has been named no. 5 Most Influential HR thinker by HR Magazine in 2018. You can find Perry online at or on Twitter (@PerryTimms) and his blog


dr. Aleksander Zadel

Dr. Aleksander Zadel, founder and director at the Corpus, Anima, Ratio Institute for Personal Development and founder of eCoaching platform Potendo, holds a PhD degree in psychology. He was a professor in the department of Biopsychology at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (University of Primorska). For more than 20 years he has been a mentor and coach to many Slovenian companies and leaders: he consults Slovenian and international companies on how to develop sovereign and autonomous solutions, based on their potentials and wishes in order increase personal satisfaction and efficiency. He is an established coach for business leaders, who also conducts psychological assessments and profiling.



“The question whether an organisation can successfully live without bosses encourages us to think about how to lead in this new era. Professionalism and trust are two prerequisites for accountability and empowerment of every team member. Therefore, leadership should focus on coordination, consultation and support with the most challenging issues. This kind of work enables everyone to do their best in a safe, collaborative and respectful environment. The role of a leader is to focus on the end goals and support the team to find their own way there.” Dori Silvija Gorenc, HR Director, KRKA, d. d.


“I am always looking forward to Competo’s traditional event, because they touch my reason through feelings. We’re only thinking about change when we are afraid or when we like something a lot. Competo team always creates a pleasurable experience but also makes sure we learn important lessons.” Ajša Vodnik, general director, AmCham Slovenia


“It is our third year supporting Competo event. Why? Firstly because of a professional and very much alive Competo team, and secondly: the event is always a wake up call for modern managers – development should be a constant throughout our career. Dr. Zadel on one hand uses a human, touching and moving approach to make us realize how important it is to invest in feelings and relationships, both at work and at home. Key note speakers from all over the world on the other hand present us HR trends, challenges and new generations entering the workforce.” Jaka Kavčič, general director, Summit Avto, d. o. o.


“We have been supporting Competo event since the moment we first attended it as guests. It always surprises us with it’s freshness and relevance. The topic this year – intergenerational cooperation – is very relevant for advertising industry because creativity is (wrongly) perceived as something connected only to younger generations. Our experience show a different picture: creativity is a result of knowledge, hard work and well-tuned team – regardless of the generations.” Dali Bungič, CEO, Luna \TBWA d.o.o.




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