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3. Competo HR hackathon: The Future of Work

3rd Competo HR hackathon is on the way! If you wish to innovate your HR processess and get ready for a complex future of work, join us with your team!

WHEN: 13th of March 2019

WHERE: Ljubljana

WHO: 6 companies and their teams, Perry Timms, Competo team and mentors

WHY: to create a better future of work

To apply as a company please send us a message to Looking forward to meeting you!


Meet the host: legendary Perry Timms!

Perry Timms is Founder and Chief Energy Officer of PTHR, Chartered Member of CIPD; 2x TEDx and international speaker; Author of Transformational HR; Adjunct Faculty and Visiting Fellow of Hult International and Sheffield Hallam University Business Schools and Guest Professor at GEA College in Ljubljana. He is known for being the force behind many HR Hackathons; creating new and imaginative ways of working. Perry captured much of this in his book “Transformational HR” which is already an Top 30 HR seller. He has been named no. 5 Most Influential HR thinker by HR Magazine in 2018. You can find Perry online at or on Twitter (@PerryTimms) and his blog



FIRST Competo HR hekaton FOTO and VIDEO

SECOND Competo HR hekaton FOTO and VIDEO


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3. Competo HR hackathon: The Future of Work

Join us on our 3rd Competo HR...

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Competo HR hekaton

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