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Look to the future, enhance your HR solutions, and enable your business strategies to come to life by empowering your workforce.

A variety of opinions, experiences, and expertise

Our consultants specialise in a variety of fields (e.g. human resources, management, organisation, psychology, communication, etc.), integrating experience from numerous international and local organisations.

An innovative model for consulting

Competo developed a unique HR development cycle to assess the current state and future development of the company, while supporting its business strategy. This allows us to efficiently design and implement solutions that are based on the company’s needs, the latest trends, and best practice.

Efficient and tailor-made HR solutions

In a world where change is a constant, the strongest suits of the best employees are their adaptability and resourcefulness. The same goes for our recommendations on jobs, HR strategies, and solutions, which are tailor-made for the needs of the client and enhance the company’s growth and development.

Mutual collaboration

We will cooperate with you in partnership. Our team will evaluate your business duly and objectively, suggest solutions, and guide you during the stages of development, implementation, and outcome measurement.

Change pyramid

Join forces with our consultants

Collaborating with Competo’s HR advisors will enhance your current staffing methods. Our considerable professional experience, knowledge of global trends, and inclination towards viable solutions allow us to recognise stumbling blocks and opportunities for improvement to different parts of HR processes. When the key gaps in HR development are identified, we work together with you to define strategic guidelines and create an action plan for change implementation. The company’s strategy statement effects the next steps, which include encouraging cooperation between different departments, establishing effective lines of communication, and developing (digital) support processes.

dr. Jana Jereb

Partner, Head of HR Consulting

Nataša Tovornik

Senior Consultant