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How will Millennials manage Generation X - part 1

Am I pro-Millennial?  Of course I am.  It’s the mindset I’ve adopted (digital, experiential, making a difference to the world) that are the so...

J.K., it's time you take a vacation!

As leaders, our beliefs and behaviors always influences our employees. If we do not go on vacations, if we do not completely shut off work and if we...

If we want to have a good business idea, we need to have a good people idea

On average, 10 out of 10 CEO's that I talk to have a business plan and they know it very well. But only one of them has or knows a people plan. It is...

Don't leave anyone out: Employer Branding as a Cross-level Challenge

CEOs are the ones who should have the responsibility over the employer brand. Marketing and human resources departments should work together in its...

The War for Profit or the War for Talent?

Positive global economic trends are turning HR challenges upside down. It is no longer simply a matter of selecting the right people for our...