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Individual coaching

Individual coaching aims at developing the individual’s personal and professional potentials for the purpose of participants developing their top condition and skills so as to achieve objectives and improve their competence levels. It proceeds in person, one-to-one (i.e. the coach and participants), with the number of meetings being determined in accordance with the agreement with the client.

In the initial stage of coaching, psychological questionnaires and/or  360˚competency assessment are used to calculate the competency gap (i.e. the gap between the desired and actual state of affairs) and the personal profile is elaborated.

On the basis of the information provided, the coach in agreement with the participant sets objectives and drafts a personalised training plan for better results.

The coach helps select techniques and tools for achieving personal and business objectives as well as designs adequate training for developing leadership and/or other competencies. He/she delivers relevant exercises, advice and activities focusing on the development of requisite competencies for work efficiency. Examples are drawn from concrete business and personal life situations.

The learning and development of individual participants proceeds through practical day-to-day experience with the support of the coach. Coaching calls for an active approach and perseverance of the participant, challenging him/her to develop new and efficient behaviour to reach objectives alongside their own experience.