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Training: behavioural interview

How can we truly assess the level of actual competencies of a candidate applying for a vacancy? By putting behavioural-focused questions asking the candidate how he/she behaved in different situations from short-term past.

Companies are trained to conduct a behavioural interview in a workshop at which they are familiarised with the theoretical framework of a behavioural interview, its role in the selection procedure and trained in skills for its proper implementation.

Participants identify specific behaviour demonstrating certain competencies and select among them key behaviours that are to be assessed during the interview with candidates for each post.

This is followed by a set of questions in the assessment scale where characteristics and complexity levels of the scale are determined as well as the assessment process of this behaviour is defined. Following the workshop, the client is also provided with a manual that serves as a tool for conducting a behavioural interview. In addition to a theoretical overview, practical instructions on how to conduct a behavioural interview and assessment cards with a set of questions, it also contains key elements and findings of the workshop.