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Organisational climate measurement

Organizational climate of the company to a large extent reflects the level of satisfaction among employees with different aspects of the working environment. Satisfied employees also work more efficiently, they are innovative and make a major contribution to the company’s success.

For the purpose of measuring organisational climate, we have used our long-standing experience and guidelines for high-quality measuring instruments to devise the professional and psychological Job Satisfaction Survey. The latter enables us to obtain information on how employees perceive their work, the company and relations in the company by employing 5 key dimensions or the groups of basic needs (survival, belonging, power, freedom and fun). The survey can be completed by conventional means or online. In doing so, we provide for adequate personal data protection and upon the client’s request also enable the anonymity of assessors (employees).

Following the assessment, we elaborate the report on measurement results and put forward framework measures. The report is presented to the management in a short workshop.

The participants gain insight into the importance of positive organizational climate for employee well-being and efficiency.

During the discussion, they can share their understanding of the current state of affairs in the company and with our help design proposed measures adapted to the company with the view to improve specific organisational climate indicators.