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Psychological assessment

Finding the right candidate to fill a specific position is highly important for the company. The application of psychological assessments helps optimise the quality of the selection process. The tests enable us to describe the candidate’s characteristics, regardless of their qualifications and experience, in a standardised and objective manner. In practice, psychological assessments are used as a means of predicting people’s behaviour. They are highly reliable and effective, because they comply with the following premises:

  1. Adults display traits that remain relatively stable over time.
  2. Personal traits differ between adults, affecting one’s conduct in the workplace.
  3. Different occupations demand different personal traits.
  4. Personal traits can be measured.

Competo’s quality guidelines

At Competo, psychological assessments are carried out by our experienced psychologists. More than 600 psychological assessments are conducted every year for a variety of reasons. We always take into account the aim of the assessment and the needs of the client when choosing a questionnaire. Competo’s psychological evaluations are based on high-quality questionnaires that meet the criteria of objectivity (the results are affected only by an individual’s characteristics), reliability (administering the same test several times would give rise to the same or a very similar result), validity (how well the results depict what we hoped to measure), standardisation (the results of an individual can be compared to the results of others from the same population), and sensitivity (its ability to differentiate between different people).