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Competence models

The elaboration of the competence model adapted to specific needs and work performed by the company contributes to the systematic and efficient conduct with employees – ranging from the selection of appropriate candidates, competence measurement and the systematic development of employees. The competence model is elaborated during at least two 8-hour workshops at which the management and expert staff help determine important success factors and key competencies for individual posts. Descriptions and behaviour are defined for all sets of competencies in order to facilitate employees to pursue these competencies in practice.

The competence model serves as a platform for 360 competence assessment. 

Competence assessment for individual employees can take the form of self-assessment, evaluation of co-workers, managers, their team, etc. The assessment can be performed by conventional means or online, whereby we provide for appropriate personal data protection and when necessary also for the anonymity of assessors. This is followed by the elaboration of the report on competence assessment results, which is the basis for the planning of further development activities.

We also provide the client with a manual on the use of competence models so that the competence model is introduced and actively used in their conduct with employees. In addition, we can also design personalised competence cards to be used during selection or annual interviews. The latter contains the description of competencies, identified behaviour, behaviour issues for the assessment of the presence of behaviour and tasks encouraging employees to develop /upgrade selected behaviour.