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Team building

Every team and every company differs in terms of their employees and how they interact as a team. For this purpose, clients are not provided with a pre-arranged team building, but we rather adapt its implementation and contents to the client’s wishes and needs.

Each team building we prepare is unique and consists of personalised tasks for the company/team in question.

Team buildings are designed on the basis of our wealth of psychological knowledge about how to connect co-workers and promote their effective cooperation. Team buildings playfully encourage participants to cooperate while seeking different, unexpected and innovative solutions. They enable the team to develop and connect since the tackling of practical challenges offers them an opportunity to see how other members think and act.

Modalities and contents of workshops are adapted to the group’s objectives, needs and characteristics as well as to the location of the workshop. The basic concept of a team building can be in the form of a workshop (e.g. planning and devising the company’s strategy for better cooperation), a creative endeavour (e.g. participants create and make a product) or activity (e.g. including nature activity).

A detailed timeline, materials, practical exercises and challenges are devised for the team building. In order to give meaning to team building activities performed, the completion is followed by evaluations, discussions, reflection and analyses performed interactively by our psychologists together with the participants. Following its completion, the client is also provided with materials containing key summaries and lessons to be drawn from the team building workshop.