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Competo associates understand what partnership is and strive for sustainable solutions benefiting all the parties.In a nutshell, they consistently tell us that they are here for us and that we can be even more efficient and successful with their help.

Competo’s employees have extensive experience in the search and selection of employees. We are committed to our work and we constantly set ourselves ambitious targets in the process. We pride ourselves in high ethical principles and high levels of empathy. Discretion and trust represent the starting point of our activities.


 Matic Vošnjak, Partner and Managing Director


Main areas: top management


Matic, who is the leading man in the successful story of Competo, is in one way or another involved in all events at the company (but he is also at the forefront when mischief is planned). He is responsible for the company`s startegic management, business developement with partners, sales and steering the team towards ambitious goals. He is also in charge of top management selection projects. He started his professional career within the GetWork - Seize the Opportunity project, continued as Manager at the Novelus Institution and in 2007 started working for an international HR agency, thereby breaking into the HR field - he was first Executive Search Consultant, later he was Head of Executive Search and Selection. His ability to attentively listen, quickly connect facts and focus on seeking solutions enable Matic to successfully lead a team of associates and maintain good business relations - experience has taught him that it is people who conclude deals, regardless how cliche this might sound. When he wants to give his perpetually stormy brain a break, he plays beach volleyball, takes a tennis racket in the hand or puts on running shoes and reprograms his thoughts from "goal - cooperation" to "inhale - exhale". Works like a charm as a stress medication!


Contact details:

E-mail: matic.vosnjak@competo.si

Mobile: +386 41 615 741


skype: maticvosnjak


 Laura Smrekar, Partner and Head of Marketing and PR


Main areas: PR and marketing


Do you hear a loud and fast walk in high heels? Yes, this must be Laura, on of three partners at Competo. She is a passionate and very energetic Head of Marketing and PR as well as Project Manager in the same fields. She holds a university degree in Sinology, but her career path led her to an international employment agency in wich she got acquainted with the area of employment and recruiting and - in her own words - she fell in love. Her people - centeredness, perseverance, goal orientation and optimism guarantee work excellence. She enjoys sport ( she never runs out of motivation) and cuisine ( good food is an excellent companion after exercise). The picture is complete if she is in the company of her family and four-legged friend. Although we occasionally have to hastily save Laura`s papers on which she split a cup of coffee, the stains are just a reminder of her funny and clumsy office adventures.


Contact details:

E-mail: laura.smrekar@competo.si

Mobile: +386 31 321 000

Linkedin: http://si.linkedin.com/in/laurasmrekar

Skype: laurasmrekar


 Tina Novak Kač, Sales Manager Adriatic


Main areas: HR top management


At the sight of her full and diverse schedule of meetings, many people would roll their eyes, however, Tina, Sales Manager Adriatic and Project Manager responsible for the HR selection of middle and top management, simply smiles: meetiongs, getting to know new people and hearing interesting enterpreneurial stories are indispensable components of her perfect working day. She holds a master degree in communication science. She focused on sales already at the beginning of her career - she first worked at a business newspaper, alter at one of Slovenia`s biggest media companies. Her path even took her to distant South Africa and she has been part of the Competo team since 2015. She is persistant, goal oriented and an eternal optimist, who belives in good in people and that the right team can bring every project to a successful conclusion. Tina likes to make sure that her schedule is not only "hot" at work, but also in her free time: she pursues hot yoga, enjoys running and spending time at the seaside with wind in her hair (and sails).


Contact details:

E-mail: tina.novak@competo.si

Mobile: +386 41 605 866

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/tina-novak-kac/14/138/1b 

Skype: tina.novak.kac


 Blaž Bejek, Project Manager


Main areas: production, development, technology, maintenance, logistics


When sparks fly in the areas of mechanical engineering, chemistry, metallurgy, logistics and other technical sectors, wee all point the finger at Blaž, Textille Technology Engineer and a former Production Manager, who is responsible for the search and selection of management and professional technical staff at our company. His people management experience in the production process coupled with focus, honesty, precision and promptness guarantee the satisfaction of all parties linked to his work: clients as well as candidates, but also us co - workers who giggle  and sometimes laugh at loud)  as he makes witty comments. His spare time is devoted to guitar, working in the nature and riding a motorbike along fine and winding Slovenian roads.


Contact details:

E-mail: blaz.bejek@competo.si

Mobile: +386 31 658 611

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/nhome/

Skype: blaz.bejek


 Jasna Benko Živec, Project Manager


Main areas: pharmacy, sales, medical devices, purchasing


Jasna Benko Živec is a sociology graduate who majored in HR management. She started working for an international HRM agency as assistant in the executive search department already during her senior year. Following graduation, she took up the position of a researcher in the executive search department. She then spent the last two and a half years independently managing search and selection projects. Since 2010 she is part of the Competo team, where she is responsible for managing executive search projects.


Contact details:

E-mail: jasna.benko@competo.si

Mobile: +386 51 357 116

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jasna-benko-%C5%BEivec/4/87/559

Skype: jasnabenko


 Petra Novak, Psychologist nad Project Manager


Main areas: finance, procurement, logistics, sales and pharmacy


Petra holds a university degree in psychology and all psychological testing results of candidates pass through her professional psychological sieve so as to help our partners select the best associates – not only with regard to their education and experience, but also with regard to competences and personal traits. She prepares and runs assessment centres, career counselling and outplacement processes. She conducted trainings and soft skill workshops already as a student, while she first came across HR selection as Assistant Project Manager in an international agency in Prague. Petra’s commitment and perseverance is not only felt in her work: as she climbs snow-capped hills during the winter, heads off to hot climbing walls or rides high waves in the summer, there is no coming back – the top will be conquered! Our office was slightly nervous as she climbed the rooftop while we were filming a video, however we are always completely calm when she takes up table tennis – no one is good at everything. :)


Contact details:

E-mail: petra.novak@competo.si

Mobile: +386 31 775 025

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/novakpetra

Skype: petranovak


 Nataša Tovornik, Project Manager


Main areas: banking, insurance and the broader finance sector


"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!" this motto guides Nataša in her work - she helps our partners put the right people in the right jobs and achieve excellent business results. She holds a university degree in economy, and has also upgraded her skills at the universities of St.Gallen and Vienna. After finishing her studies, she gained practical experience as Assistant Auditor at Ernest&Young in Zurich. Following her return to Slovenia, she first pursued IT consulting, and then she took on the management of the HR service at the bank Sparkasse. In 2010, she broke into an independent path of a business coach, ehile she cooperates with Competo in the search and selection of executive staff and experts in the field of banking, insurance and the broader finance industry. She enjoys travelling and meeting other cultures, hence she even learnt a few words in the exotic Chechewa language during one of her traveling adventures in Malawi. 


Contact details:

E-mail: natasa.tovornik@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 40 724 878

Skype: ntovornik

Linkedin: http://bit.ly/1r54lDp


 Miha Novak Kač, Project Manager


Main areas: electric power industry, energy and IT technology


At Competo, the search and selection of the best candidates in electric power industry, energy and IT technology is in the hands of Miha, who holds a university degree in electrical engineering. He started gaining experience in design, process automation and project management of providing technical solutions for efficient energy use, which enable him to make professional selection and forge excellent connections between employers and new associates. He also soon assumed the position of Technical Manager in these fields. His subsequent independent entrepreneurial path was marked by participation in international engineering projects associated with transformer stations and overhead power lines. Although we now and then anxiously look in the direction of the door of his interview room, which stays closed for quite a while, we are always reassured in the end – another successful cooperation is on the horizon!


Contact details:

E-mail: miha.novak@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 41 786 372

Linkedin: https://www.li


 Nina Ivančič, Psychologist, Project Assistant and Researcher


When Nina knocks on the office door, we can either expect a test completion of a psychological questionnaire she is currently working on, or an invitation to play the game of table tennis (which we will most probably lose). She holds a university degree in psychology and is thus responsible for the elaboration of psychological reports and development projects seeking to find even better scores to match a company and a new associate. She also devotes some of her time to HR search and selection. Her work is driven by inquisitiveness and openness to embrace new things – when passion for research of people and their inner self are added to the equation, this results in precise and carefully elaborated psychological analyses. Even when she steps out of office, her research does not stop – her leisure activities include reading, sports and developing her creative ideas. For example, her 3D animated cartoon for which she wrote a story and a script is currently in the making. Oh, and one more thing, she also watches cartoons. :)


Contact details:

E-mail: nina.ivancic@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 41 383 094

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ninaivancic



 Katja Bedenik, Office Manager and Sales Support 


When you enter out premises, you will hear first "Hello" from Katja and we are convinced that you wull not leave without a smile. Katja is in charge of sales support and cooperation. In addition, she also manages administration at the company. Before joining our team at Competo, she gained office management experience as a secretary of the management, giving her a chance to get to know the operation of HR agencies in the selection of executive staff. She is open, communicative and determined when it comes to guaranteeing customer satisfaction. After completing her work, she takes care of her Golden retriever and tends to a big garden that await her at home - both are Katja`s source of relaxation and pleasure, while for us, her co-workers, a welcome source of fresh strawberries and other home-made delicacies.


Contact details:

E-mail: katja.bedenik@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 31 321 300

Linkedin: http://bit.ly/1TMeyjX



Klara Zavrl, Head of the Team of Researchers


Main areas: technical sector


Regardless of whether communication is conducted in Slovene, English, Spanish or any other language - Klara, who holds a university degree in andragogy and Hispanic studies, is always capable of finding candidates possessing the right set of skills and experience in the technical field. At Competo she heads the team of reserachers and responsibly ensures that their web browsing is supported by up-to-date know-how. She gained her first experience asd an active member of the Society of Andragogy and Pedagogy Students and as a student tutor for andragogy internship. Subsequently she also cooperated on projects aimed at increasing the employability of young people in NGOs. She likes spending time in nature and regulary pursues yoga, while in the case of bad weather she enjoys a good book or a movie. In addition to receiving questions about search, Klara is also our first choice in two particular instances: paper plastification and shredding, which (as we like to joke) are her hidden talents.


Contact details:

E-mail: klara.zavrl@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 040 668 227 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/klarazavrl

Skyp: klara.zavrl



 Tina Štrus, Researcher


Main areas: sales, marketing, finance, IT, accounting, administration


Tina is a reseracher in serach for ideal candidates in the areas of sales and marketing, but she also has ample experience in the serach of finance, IT and production staff. With a university degree in South Slavic languages and literature (and also in Spanish language and literature), she often takes over communication and interviews for our partners searching associates from the Adriatic region. She gained her first experience in staffing as HR Assistant in an international comapny, while her language skills come in handy in translation and other projects. In her free time, she enjoys escaping to nature with friends, either on foot or on a horse - yes, " a proper one", not the one that can be found in a car enginer!


Contact details:

E-mail: tina.strus@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 40 255 087

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/tina-%C5%A1trus/65/855/321



 Ana Gabršček, Researcher


Main areas: electric power industry, energy and IT technology


Ana, a student of HR management, marketing communication and PR, is at our company responsible for the search of candidates who master more or less “exotic” programming languages, computer tricks and possess other similar expert knowledge. Already since the beginning of her studies, she has been an active member and collaborator of marketing associations, and she also gained experience as a journalist, head of PR activities of different projects and assistant in the planning of PR activities in science. In her work, she relies on her resourcefulness, flexibility and perseverance that lead her to the best candidates for new associates of Competo’s partners. Be it rain or sun, winter or summer – Ana always prefers moving on foot as she runs errands or even when she goes on long excursions.


Contact details:

E-mail: ana.gabrscek@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 41 505 559

Linkedin: http://bit.ly/29xT2Ob



Matej Turk, Researcher 


If you need words of encouragement or a good game of table tennis, but at the same time also a persistent and resourceful researcher who always goes all the way – regardless of the complexity of a project, then Matej is your man. He is an HR management student and an active member of a student association of the same name. He gained his first experience by working on different projects within the student association, and he was also the mastermind behind the first student HR conference entitled Kadrospekt at which Slovenian HR influential persons presented themselves and shared their experience with students. Matej`s free time is devoted to sport activities, ranging from football to counting sit-ups in a gym. However it is still impossible to roam freely with Matej around the premises of Competo as his fingers at the time being are still immune to our locks, hence he has to be rescued from beeping by his co-workers.


Contact details:

E-mail: matej.turk@competo.si 

Mobile: 386 41 500 872




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